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DragonSlayer is a gameboy RPG in which the main goal is to, as it were, slay a series of dragons (and monsters)

Mechanics Edit

The game takes place inside a very large horizontally recuring plane which can lead players to beleive that the map is infinite.

Onscreen you have a vision limit of 10x9 with the player's graphic being shown in the 5x6th square. this is similiar to in the pokemon games in which your character never actually moves around the screen but the entire world moves around you at the press of a directional button.

Button In-Game effect Spell menu effect
Directional Pad Moves Knight,Directs attacks Moves cursor
A-button Picks up and drops items. Makes Selection
B-button Brings up spell menu. Moves cursor to Quit (exit menu)
Start Pauses game and erects a tent whilst showing your stats Not used.
Select Not used. Not used.

Combat Edit

Once you have loaded it will be impossible to begin combat (which earns spells) no matter how high your attack is due to your lack of a weapon, this effectively forces the player to scavenge before they can start fighting as attacking an opponent without a weapon will always deal 10 damage.

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